Weird trapped contaminating mushroom defending himself to rise!


@karotofel - Design, Art

@JackWolfskind - Design, Programming

@Noizu - Programming

@Philip_Erd - Programming

@Tzoop - Sound, Art

This game was made during Mini Beans Jam 2 within 48 hours.

How To Play

You are a mushroom. Bugs will try to attack you. You are able to defend yourself by contaminating them and by using them as a wall by placing them on the field. You can upgrade a wall with another bug to a turret. Use the walls to make the way to the mushroom longer, but mind that you cant't block the way completely!
Try to survive as long as possible!


wtf Game Jam Version 7 MB
wtf 7 MB


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This is a cool tower-defense style game. Big fan of this kind of gameplay - having to hold back the horde of ants and bugs is always fun. Once you pop a large wall of turrets around the enemies, they seem not to be a problem for long. Maybe some enemies that pose a danger to the turrets could be a mechanic idea to keep the player on their toes? Good job!